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Who was ABC news anchor in 1969?   ABC News was hosted by Frank Reynolds (May 1968 to May 1969), and, eventually, Reynolds and Howard K. Smith (May 1969 to Decembe (MORE)

Where was David Muir of ABC news born?

He was an anchor at Syracuse ny cbs affiliate, wtvh5. I believe he began there as an intern at age 12 and was likely born in Syracuse NY. yes david muir is from Syracuse,NEDR (MORE)

Is ABC news a conservative news source?

No, and it is not a liberal source either. ABC considers itself moderate and balanced. Some of their commentators are conservatives, several are liberals, but their news progr (MORE)

What is ABC?

  The alphabet American Broadcasting corporation Australian Broadcasting commission The first 3 letters of the alphabet, the alphabet is a group of 26 letters UPPERCAS (MORE)