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Write a program in java to print a ab ABC?

/* -----a //- is space * -----ab * ----abc * --abcd * -abcde */ import*; class RevPyrA { protected static void man()throws IOException { Buffere (MORE)

What are programming language and program coding?

programming language is just kind of a different language that we use to communicate with other , in same way we use these language to communicate with machine . Programming (MORE)

What programming languages are used in programming an EEPROM?

In one sense, since EEPROM is memory, you don't program memory. You store things in memory, and the thing you are programming in this case would likely be a micro-processor or (MORE)

Low level programming language?

Low level programming language is a language that is not very abstracted from hardware layer. Programming in low level languages usually requires manual memory management, us (MORE)

What Is Programming Language?

A set of rules (code) for instructing a computer to perform  specific tasks (like make a web-page, write a program, add two  numbers). Examples include HTML, C++, Java, Fort (MORE)

What can you do with programming languages?

Everything that you can see done on a computer, from playing games, using webpages, or even clicking icons on your desktop. Programming languages can be used to create progr (MORE)