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What is abduction?

In physiology, any motion that moves away from the centerline ofthe body is abduction. If, for example, you are sitting down andseparate your knees, that is abduction. If you (MORE)
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What adduction and abduction?

the moving and taking away from your body. i.e. adduction is moving your arm towards your body again and abduction is when you move your arm away from you

How can you be abducted by aliens?

Aliens are not known and proven to even exist, let alone be here and kidnapping people. Do you want to be abducted by aliens? Only in your dreams. ====== In order for (MORE)
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What is Abduction rated and why?

The movie Abduction is not not yet rated. It is coming out on September 23 2011. . It is rated PG 13 because of some sexual content bad language teen partying and violence (MORE)
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What is demonstrate abduction?

Demonstrate is a verb, not a noun. Abduction, in functional anatomy, is a movement which draws a limb away from the median sagittal plane of the body. You would demonstrate (MORE)