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Who are cain and abel?

According to the Bible (Genesis ch.4), Cain and Abel were the first  two sons of Adam and Eve, who were the first humans. Cain slew Abel  because he was jealous that God pre (MORE)

Who did abel marry?

sir or madem pls let me know who did abel marry, and if he was married to his sister's it is worng how can god do this. thank you a.j. arun Andrew paul
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How did Abel die?

Abel is a character in the book of Genesis in the Bible. He was  murdered by his brother, Cain. Cain was then marked as a sinner and  sent away from his parents.

Why is abel called abel?

The name Abel means 'vapor'. Perhaps this was divinely inspired by the Lord to reflect his short but righteous life. The Bible says our life is as a vapor (James 4:14). It is (MORE)

Why are Cain and Abel famous?

A:According to the Book of Genesis, Cain and Abel wewre the first two people to be born on earth, which is probably reason enough to be famous. They are also famous as the cha (MORE)

When did Abel Tasman get to Australia?

Abel Tasman first came across what is now Australia's southernmost state, Tasmania (then Van Diemen's land) on 24 November 1642. He returned to the northern region of Australi (MORE)

What is the importance of Abel Tasman to Australia?

Abel Tasman is important to Australia because he was the first European to discover Tasmania. Abel Janszoon Tasman was a Dutch seafarer and explorer born in 1603 in the villag (MORE)

Did Abel have children?

first of all i would like to say the Bible did not in clear terms record anything of the sort, and looking at the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible critically one can say th (MORE)

Was abel a prophet?

YES, He was.    Luke 11:50-51 New King James Version (NKJV) 50 that the blood of all the prophets which was shed from the foundation of the world may be required of this (MORE)