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What is Chromatic aberration?

the variation of either the focal length or the magnification of a lens system with different wavelengths of light, characterized by prismatic coloring at the edges of the o ( Full Answer )
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What is cell aberration?

It is and effect on a cell negatively. it can be multinuclearity, membrane blebbing, vacuolization, giantism and cellular distortion
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What does aberrant mean?

\n. \nAberrant means Deviating from what is normal.\n. \n. \n"Walking down the street with your private parts exposed is an example of aberrant behavior."
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What is chromatic aberrations?

The distortion of light through a camera lens, seen to greatest effect in the parts of the image with the greatest amount of contrast.
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What is an chromosome aberration?

Genetic aberrations of the DNA copy number level, such as deletions, amplifications and unbalanced translocations are termed as chromosome aberration.
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What is the aberration of BOSS?

Boss Corporation, manufacturer of effects pedals for electric guitar and bass guitar . Bharat Operating System Solutions, GNU/Linux distribution developed by NRCFOSS/C-DAC, I ( Full Answer )
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What is a chromatic aberration?

A distortion of an image through a telescope when not allwavelengths of colours are refracted at the same angle, resultingin the light converging at different points.
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What is the film Aberration about?

The film Aberration set in the United States but filmed in New Zeland follows the story of a woman who moves into her old childhood cabin in the woods only to discover that th ( Full Answer )
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What is an aberrance?

An aberrance is a deviation from the right path, either in a geometrical or moral sense.
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What is an aberrancy?

An aberrancy is a deviation from the right path, either in a geometrical or moral sense.