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What is a sentence using the word abhorrent?

(The word abhorrent means loathesome, disgusting or repulsive. The practice of the primitive tribes, in that they ate parts of their enemies that they had killed, was viewed a (MORE)

Why was the Slaughter of the Innocents by Herod abhorrent but the massacre of the children in Egypt not?

Both massacres were abhorrent. Pharaoh had no right to attempt  genocide against the Israelites by killing the male children. Herod  had no right to do what he did either. B (MORE)

What is an abhorrency?

An abhorrency is something which causes a feeling of extreme aversion or hatred to something or someone else.
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What is an abhorrer?

An abhorrer is someone who abhors or hates - alternatively, it was used as a nickname during the seventeenth century for those who signed a petition to reconvene Parliament, a (MORE)