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What is the platypus's ability?

A platypus can do many unique things compared to other animals. To catch their under water food, their ears and eyes shut. The bill of a platypus has sensitive electrorecept (MORE)

What are Poseidon abilities?

Poseidon, "god" lord of the sea. Poseidon was a moody and violent god. Poseidon was also known as the Earthshaker, when he hit the ground with his trident the earth would shak (MORE)

What is ability?

Being able to or having the capacity/power to do something (well); it can be mental or physicalcl. Cleverness, intelligence or talent of something.
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What is consumer ability?

Consumer Ability is resources to act; Product knowledge and experience, cognitive style, complexity of information, intelligence, education, and age, and money

What is your special ability?

That is a question for trivia ummm but if i was a vamp i could see the fututre cuz i see it now, its really weird i wish i never had it this images that keep coming true is to (MORE)

What is your psychic ability?

Well i have like 3 or 4 different abilities i have pregonition, clairaudience, clairoyance, psychometry and little bit of telekinesis; i really didnt know you coulda have more (MORE)

What are the chameleons abilities?

They can blend into many things..Hiding from the predator searching for prey is one of the best abilities...I once had a pet Chameleon ans i couldnt even find him even thought (MORE)
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What is the ability of organization?

orginization: structure = five institutions of religion, family, gov't, economy, education. Without organization, there could be no culture, and without culture, we would not (MORE)