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What is ability?

Being able to or having the capacity/power to do something (well); it can be mental or physicalcl. Cleverness, intelligence or talent of something.
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What is mental ability?

The term mental ability refers to the ability to learn and  understand. It is retaining knowledge and understanding facts and  instructions.

When to use ability and abilities?

You use ability when referring to one particular skill/capacity that a person or thing has, e.g. he has the ability to do well; the robot has the ability do climb stairs. You (MORE)

What is the vampires abilities?

They can have all the following: * telepathy * mind reading * read auras * able to see and/ or hear from a distance * extremely intelligent * invisible/ one does n (MORE)
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What is astroboys abilities?

He can dig through hard ground, Fly, Has super strength, super speed, a big heart, machine guns in his but, cannons in his arms. i don't think that is all but that is what i k (MORE)
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How do you get abilities?

The answer is simple, if you want an ability, you can be born with one from your mother, father, or anybody else in your family, or, you can practice an ability, for example, (MORE)