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What does ABL stand for?

Abl could stand for:. -Airborne Laser. -Atmospheric Boundary Layer. -American Biltrite, Inc.. -Armored Box Launcher. -Alameda Belt Line. -Ammunition Basic Load. -Alloca (MORE)

What rhymes with able?

stable,label, Table cable, stable, Mabel, or some things that end in the suffix -able ANSWER: Am I able to rhyme words with able? Am I comfortable with words that string (MORE)

What is a semiconductor able to do?

Semiconductors are used to make semiconductor devices, which led to the Information Age of the late 20th century. These devices include actuators and control systems in cars, (MORE)

When will you be able to teleport?

Not in the foreseeable future. There is some speculation it can be done now & was done in the forties (Philadelphia Experiment) The project was based on Einstein's theoreti (MORE)

Is able a pronoun?

No, the word 'able' is an adjective , a word thatdescribes a noun as having sufficient power or resources toaccomplish something. . example: George is able to come by train (MORE)

What is an ablative?

The ablative is a noun case in Latin. This ending is used on nouns to indicate by, with, or from a noun. It can also be used to indicate going away from a noun. Certain pr (MORE)