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Can you use ablution in a sentence?

"Many people around the world engage in ablution as a religious ritual"? ___ It is more commonly used in the plural in a mildly jocular sense, as in this example: James spend (MORE)

If you have a shower do you still hae to do ablution?

yes. its all about the intention from the heart to be in a pure state before Allah so he will accept your prayers. just taking a regular old shower doesn't cleanse yourself of (MORE)
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What is a ablution fountain in a mosque?

An ablution fountain is typically located in the center of a mosque's courtyard, similar to where Christian baptismal fountains were located in the basilica plan. It is where (MORE)
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How to Muslims perform ablution?

(1) Make niyyah or the intention to perform wudu (ablution). (2) Recite: " Bismillah-Hir-Rahmanir-Raheem " "In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful". (MORE)
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What is ablution in Islam?

Ablution is an Islamic religion requirement and a ritual worshipbefore salah (praying). It is either minor ablution (called Wudu)or major ablution (called Ghosl). Refer to que (MORE)
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What is Tayammum or the substitute for ablution?

Answer 1 COMPLETE SUBSTITUTE FOR ABLUTION (TAYAMMUM) Tayammum or "to resort to pure earth" may substitute for theablution and even the bath. This is allowed in any of the (MORE)