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Is Denver Colorado above sea level?

Type your answer here... Yes. The steps to the Denver capital building are exactly 5,280 feet. which is equal to one mile. Which is why Denver is refered to as the mile high c (MORE)
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Toronto elevation above sea-level?

  The source of water for the City of Toronto is Lake Ontario, and since Toronto is built on the "side of a hill", it is necessary, after treatment, to pump the water up f (MORE)

Why is cooking slower above sea level?

A very good question! At sea-level, water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. If you increase the pressure, however, the amount of heat to boil water increases, simply because there (MORE)
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Volcano that does not rise above sea level?

Volcanoes that are underwater, known as submarine volcanoes. The deepest one is the Submarine 1922 in the Celebes Sea near the Sanghie Islands of Indonesia, and it is 16,000 f (MORE)

How high is Scotland above sea level?

Scottland is 1,344 meters above sea level and 4,409 ft. above sea level. The Edinburgh-Gogarbank weather station is 57 metres above sea level. The Glasgow-Bishopton weather (MORE)

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