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What is the origin of 'abracadabra'?

    This word is said to have been the name of the supreme diety of the Assyrians. It was recommended by Q. Severus Sammonicus as a charm against ague and flux if writ (MORE)

What is the meaning of abracadabra in Hebrew?

I took this from Wiki as it describes the words etymology best; Theories about the source of the word are:    Latin Base:In latin based languages the word Abre or Abri m (MORE)

What language does Abracadabra?

it comes from the roman language It has its origins in the Aramaic language, in which 'ibra' means 'I have created' and 'K'dibra' means 'through my speech' from which the wor (MORE)

What country is the word abracadabra from?

It is an ancient name for a supreme God and thus a word of great power. Comes from Late Greek as 'Abraxas'. This was the name of a God worshipped in Alexandria in pre Christia (MORE)
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Are abracadabra and avada kedavra opposites?

Yes, they are opposites, or antonyms. The word abracadabra means "I will create as I speak". Meanwhile the word avada kedavra means "I will destroy as I speak".
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