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What did Abraham do in faith?

In Jewish tradition, Abraham is considered to have passed 10 trials of faith. The most famous of these are having left his homeland to go to the promised land, and having been (MORE)

What is a abrahamic religon?

  An Abrahamic religion is a religion that can be traced back to Abraham. and/or a religion that holds Abraham in high regard. the religions usually referred to as "Abraha (MORE)
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How old was Abraham?

A:  Genesis chapter 12:4 says that Abraham, then known as Abram, was 75  years old when he left Haran.   .   Genesis 17:17 says that Abraham was exactly 100 years ol (MORE)

What is the legacy of Abraham?

The legacy of Abraham Lincoln was that he abolished slavery freeing the slaves. He is my 2nd favorite president under Barack Obama.
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Who was Abraham lincoin?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, who leaded the North during the Civil War. He was born and raised in a log cabin in February 12th, 1809. He was ra (MORE)

Who were Abraham and Moses?

Another answer from our community:    Abraham was the forefather of Moses. Moses was a prophet and lead  the Jews out of Egypt.
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Where did Abraham go to and why?

Abraham traveled to the land of Canaan because God told him to. God said he would make a 'great nation' out of Abraham(Genesis 17:5) and He would give his descendants a land (MORE)
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Who is Abraham hicks?

From what I've been able to research, Abraham Hicks does not exist (& never has) - except through a medium named Esther Hicks and her husband, Jerry. Abraham supposedly speaks (MORE)

What was Abrahams purpose?

Abraham is known as the father of faith because of the tremendous  faith he had in God. His purpose was to show people the goodness of  God if they have faith in Him.