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Who was Abraham?

Abraham is regarded as the first Jew. He was the first person toenter into a covenant with God by having a circumcision (Genesisch.17). Over the course of his life, Abraham ha (MORE)

Who was Abraham in The Bible?

Abraham, tenth generation descendant of Noah, of Hebrew lineage, was the son of Terah, uncle of Lot, father of Isaac, grandfather of Jacob, and ancestor of the Israelites. His (MORE)

When did Abraham get married?

Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd Lincoln on November 4,1842. Thetwo had been engaged previously, but had broken off the engagementtwo years before their eventual marriage.
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What did Abraham do?

the account of Abraham in the Torah describes a man who discovers the existence of a universal, ethical G-d. He did many things. For more information, see related links.
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Who was Abraham and what did he do?

Abraham was a foreigner from a place that's now in Iraq, who moved his family to a place that's now in Israel. He herded sheep for a living, fathered two sons, and lived h (MORE)
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What is an Abraham?

I think you mean: "Who is Abraham?" He became the first Jew at 99 when God told him to circumcisehimself and all the males in his family (Genesis ch.17). According to traditio (MORE)
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Where was Abraham?

He was born in Ur (see Genesis 11:28), later moved to Harran (, and spent most of his life in Canaan (present-day Israel)after being told by God to move there (Gen. (MORE)