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What is the oldest abrahamic religion?

The three major abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism and Islam both claim to be as old as creation. Of course, at most only one of these claims cou (MORE)

What was Abraham Lincoln's religion?

He was a deist. This is confirmed by the fact that he never formally joined a religion, plus was never a church member, hence non-religious
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What religion was President Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln's religious beliefs can be described as deist at best, although they resist any further precise definition or denominational allegiance. You can read an article on his (MORE)
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What three religions honor Abraham?

they are:Judaism per Torah revelation to MosesChristianity per Bible revelation to JesusIslam per quran revelation to Muhammad
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What religions did Abraham found?

An answer from our Muslim community:    Abraham was the father of Ishmael, then Isaac. After them, Abraham  had other sons as well. Each son Abraham taught the same re (MORE)
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What religion was Abraham?

Hazrat Abraham AS was a monotheist, a true Muslim who completely  and unconditionally surrendered to the Will of Almighty God (Allah  in Arabic).   Answer 2   Abraha (MORE)

What religion did Abraham start?

Abraham did not start a religion he was father of three nations.    another answer   Abraham started the Jewish religion. The fact that he fathered  other nations (MORE)

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What three religions is Abraham the father of?

Abraham is considered the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as the Old Testament's 5 books of Moses - The Pentateuch (books are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numeri and (MORE)