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Abrasive in a sentence?

An abrasive cleanser may remove those stains. The last time I missed a deadline, my boss's reprimands were loud and abrasive. He likes to keep things brief and to th (MORE)

What is creep abrasion?

Creep is the slow mass movement of soil particles down a slope. Itis so slow that we do not see it happen. Creep is often shown inthe form of tilted objects along the slope.

Is abrasive a synonym?

It can be. Abrasive is a synonym for caustic, cutting, biting,acerbic; rough, harsh, hard, tough, sharp, grating, curt, brusque,stern, severe; wounding, nasty, cruel, callous, (MORE)

What are the uses of abrasives?

Abrasives are used in sandpaper, grinding wheels, traction strips, polishing compounds. They allow you to smooth, cut, shape, or polish items. Or, they promote friction suc (MORE)
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Is talc an abrasive?

can be used in place of rottenstone. Not so good for rubbing out a finish but good for cleaning up bare wood after sanding.

What does abrasion do to the beach?

You know on a beach when you walk on the park that is really smooth and right next to the water, abrasion took the minerals and took them with the water and landed on the beac (MORE)
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What are natural abrasives?

Natural abrasives are hard material than can be found in the earthsurface that is used to shape other materials through grinding orabrading. Important natural abrasives, such (MORE)
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What is metallic abrasive?

Non-Metallic Abrasive - A blast cleaning abrasive made from naturally-occurring, by-product, or manufactured materials. Naturally-occurring abrasives include silica sand, oliv (MORE)
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Can you shower with your abrasions?

Please shower when you have abrasions (eg. while shaving). It helps remove microbes in dust that may land on abrided skin. Washing or shower is so useful that you may not requ (MORE)