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What are natural abrasives?

Natural abrasives are hard material than can be found in the earth  surface that is used to shape other materials through grinding or  abrading.    Important natural (MORE)

What is an abrasive cleaner?

An abrasive cleaner is one that might scratch a surface being  cleaned. Steel wool is an abrasive cleaner. Comet is also an  abrasive cleaner because it contains a gritty fo (MORE)

What is an abrasive personality?

  Answer   An abrasive personality just means one has a tendancy to be annoying to someone resulting or causing a hostile feeling to whoever it is that one is annoyi (MORE)

What does abrasion mean?

Abrasion is when particles carried by water or wind weather away rocks. Additional: An abrasion is also a wound caused when skin is scraped away by contact with another ob (MORE)
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What is water abrasion?

Water abrasion  changes the physical conditions of rocks, cliffs and along shore lines. The reason why rocks are so smooth when you take them out of the water is because of w (MORE)
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Where does abrasion occur?

In a river, when rocks are carried along by the river and the rocks chip away at the river's bed and banks.
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What is abrasion and plucking?

Plucking is when melt water from a glacier freezes around lumps of cracked and broken rock. When the ice moves downhill, rock is plucked from the back wall.     Abrasi (MORE)
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What is abrasion erosion?

Abrasion is where flowing water picks up rocks and moves them along in it's current. It can cause damage to the side of rivers (Lateral Erosion) as well as the riverbed (Verti (MORE)

What is a good sentence with the word abrasion?

I can give you several sentences. . He fell off his bike and got abrasions on both knees. . The abrasion of the rushing water smoothed and rounded the stones. . That vall (MORE)