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What does abreast means?

Along side at the same level (think of runners crossing a finishing line "breast to breast" they are abreast of each other and finish at the same time).

When can motorcyclist ride three abreast in the same traffic lane?

Never unless they are in a parade. The safest way and the way that they are supposed to ride is in a staggered fashion. The first bike should be in the left wheel lane and the (MORE)

Is abreast a compound word?

Etymologically, it comes from the prefix a- and the root -breast. Normally a compound word is composed of two roots (e.g. woodwork, bookmark, etc.), so technically "abreast" i (MORE)

How can you define riding no more than two abreast?

Abreast means beside one other with others in back or front. Riding no more than two abreast means no more than two riders across side by side in one seat, for all riders in t (MORE)
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Should law evolve to keep abreast with science and technology?

Law should keep pace with the crimes that can be committed. It makes no difference if your property is stolen by robbery or digital swindling. The law and punishment should be (MORE)