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What does abrogate mean?

Abrogate means to abolish an agreement, especially an official contract, document, or treaty. Synonyms are annul, cancel, disavow, dissolve, or revoke. An example would be th (MORE)

Sentence for abrogate?

The teacher will abrogate the right to choose our own seats ifwe continue to talk during class. This word is a verb used with an object. it's definition is tocancel, deny, or (MORE)

Find sentence using the word abrogate?

\nAbrogation is applicable to both sources of Islamic law: the Qur'ān and the Prophetic Sunna. A Qur'ānic verse may abrogate another Qur'ānic verse, and a Prophetic S (MORE)

What are the causes of abrogation of 1956 constitution of Pakistan?

The Constitution of 1956 was the fundamental law of Pakistan from March 1956 until the Revolution of October 1958. Pakistan became independent of the United Kingdom in (MORE)
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What do you mean by abrogated suras?

For the purposes of shari'a, a legal stricture in one chapter (Sura) of the Quran which is changed by a later statement in a later Sura is said to have been abrogated.