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What is the meaning of absconding?

it means treating like a thief It is an action of stealing something and running away with it
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What is the opposite of abscond?

To abscond (from Latin: abscondere , to hide away, to put away) means . to leave hurriedly and furtively . to leave unlawfully (as a school truant, or a person under police ( Full Answer )
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What does absconded mean?

ran away with someone or some thing ex: he absconded with Emily means he ran away with Emily
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What is the definition of abscond?

Abscond means to run off and hide. "He feared that his money manager might abscond to Brazil with his money."
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What are absconderS?

Arkansas State Law states that if you abscond from probationer, even felony probation, you can only be extradited from Arkansas and states that surround Arkansas, I.E. Louisia ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms of abscond?

Run away, escape, break out, leave suddenly, make off, flee, run off "absquatulate," "bolt," "decamp," "go off"
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What is the penalty for absconding while on probation?

When caught you will, in all probability, be remanded to jail to serve the remainder of your sentence. REMEMBER - you were serving a (lenient) sentence after being found guilt ( Full Answer )
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What is the penalty for absconding while on parole?

He would be returned to the penitentiary, within thirty days of return, he would be reviewed, and likely remain there for a year or more before being considered for parole aga ( Full Answer )
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What does abscond mean as release date?

Nothing. Abscond means to run away without permission for the purposes of avoiding some official sanction. A release date is an official date for when someone leaves some ( Full Answer )
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How to abscond and not get caught?

depends where you are, but generally you need to plan where you will abscond to, and have a plan for whatever resistance you may encounter. you need to have a getaway vehicle ( Full Answer )