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What is the opposite of abscond?

To abscond (from Latin: abscondere , to hide away, to put away) means . to leave hurriedly and furtively . to leave unlawfully (as a school truant, or a person under police (MORE)
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What are absconderS?

Arkansas State Law states that if you abscond from probationer, even felony probation, you can only be extradited from Arkansas and states that surround Arkansas, I.E. Louisia (MORE)
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How to abscond and not get caught?

depends where you are, but generally you need to plan where you will abscond to, and have a plan for whatever resistance you may encounter. you need to have a getaway vehicle (MORE)
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What is the meaning of the word abscond?

There are two different meanings of the word abscond depending on the scenario. It can refer to someone typically trying to avoid arrest by leaving swiftly in secret or it can (MORE)