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What is an Internet auction?

An internet auction is the sale of merchandise over a period of time where people bid against each other to buy products or services. The winning bid at the end of the sale pe (MORE)

Where are auto auctions?

I would venture to say there aren't a dozen good  public auto auctions anywhere in the US. Local newspapers. Yes the  local newspaper classified ad section is still around a (MORE)
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What is a slave auction?

Slave auctions were places where people were sold as slaves to other people. In slave auctions, families were split up and sold to different owners for different amounts of mo (MORE)

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How were slaves auctioned?

As any other property was auctioned such as cattle. The slaves were publicly displayed and bids were made. The bidders would inspect the individuals who were being sold. Slave (MORE)

In Florida can developer rights to a Home Owners Association survive an absolute auction?

This is a question that only an attorney armed with all the facts could answer, and perhaps could be the ruling of a judge. Logically, the association's assets wouldn't be a (MORE)

How do you become an auctioneer?

Each state in the US has different requirements for becoming an auctioneer. The most common step you need to take is to obtain a sales tax certificate. Some states require you (MORE)

How can you get in car auctions?

well, first you have to know somebody in the business, then you have to get them to "hook you up", then you're good to go except that you'd better have a pretty big wad of cas (MORE)