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Where did slave auctions take place?

Slave auctions took place at the docks. An huge slave action took  place at the Race Course three miles outside Savannah, Georgia. 436  slaves were to be put up for auction (MORE)

What is the difference between absolute auction and confirmation auction?

In an absolute auction, the highest bid wins the item or real estate, there is no minimum bid requirement. In a confirmation auction the highest bid has to be confirmed/approv (MORE)

Superbikes for sale at police auctions?

Motorbikes regularly come up at auctions across the entire country. There are at least 300 auction houses in the UK alone, the largest being Manhiem and British Car Auctions. (MORE)

What were penny auctions?

Basically, a person lists an item for sale for a fraction of what that item is worth. Let's say I want to sell my car. I list it for $1.00 but I charge everyone who wants to j (MORE)

Is silent auction gambling?

Any process by which a person pays money to another person or organization in order to seek a return on the outcome of an event is gambling. So, when we buy a lottery ticket (MORE)

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What is the difference between a reverse auction and a forward auction?

A forward auction is the "ordinary auction" we are all used to today. In a forward auction, the buyer bids on the sellers item, and the prices of the item increases during the (MORE)
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How were slaves auctioned?

As any other property was auctioned such as cattle. The slaves were publicly displayed and bids were made. The bidders would inspect the individuals who were being sold. Slave (MORE)

What is a towing auction?

if the towed vehicle is not taken back by the owner then the vehicle is actioned.
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In Florida can developer rights to a Home Owners Association survive an absolute auction?

This is a question that only an attorney armed with all the facts could answer, and perhaps could be the ruling of a judge. Logically, the association's assets wouldn't be a (MORE)