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What was the theater of the absurd?

The term refers to particular plays written by a number of (mostly) European playwrights in the late 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, as well as to the style of theatre which has evol (MORE)

Is The Theatre of the Absurd as absurd as the name implies?

Answer . Certainly not. Most plays belonging to this category will make you think and even laugh if you get to appreciate their hilarious sense of humor, often with an imp (MORE)

What does absurdity mean?

Answer . Absurdity: noun, meaning something ridiculously unreasonable. Like a man giving birth to a baby; a dog reading Shakespeare; a house made of jello.

Example of absurd?

An example of absurd would be, "it is absurd that planes chargeextra for small children.' Another example would be, 'The movie wesaw last night was absurd.'

What is the meaning of absurd?

The adjective absurd means ridiculous, senseless, or laughable. It has a negative connotation except in regard to the theatrical use. (see the related question) a. ridiculous (MORE)

Is Exodus absurd?

No. It is part of the history of the Jewish people and as such is not absurd and contains nothing outside of the possible.

What is a synonym for absurd?

The word absurd has the common synonyms ridiculous, preposterous, inane, senseless, laughable, or ludicrous. Other words meaning absurd (as in crazy) include :batty, crazy, c (MORE)

What are the elements of theater of the absurd?

Theater of the Absurd is driven by the basic principle that life in itself is absurd, and therefore has no meaning. This is existentialist in that the belief is that meaning a (MORE)