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What is an academy?

An academy is basically another word for school. The academy is otherwise known as gathering the students. The academy generally started by the rich person who wish to serve (MORE)

Who is the academy is?

the academy is... are a Chicago based band signed on to fueled by ramen. not only are they talented, but they are hot! They have three cds -- Almost Here, Santi, and Fast Time (MORE)

The academy is?

the academy is... is a rock band straight from Chicago. They're signed to Fueled By Ramen records. The band consists of:   William Beckett: Vocals Adam T. (Sisky) Siska: Ba (MORE)
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What is the academy?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a professional  honorary organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts and  sciences of motion pictures. It was fo (MORE)

Who is Academy Credit?

Academy Credit is a legitimate credit repair business that uses a power of attorney to dispute items for you. They are dedicated to repairing your credit reports. They have a (MORE)

Is Goliath Academy an accredited academy?

According to their website (see the Related Link below) they are accredited by several "national accreditation agencies", but no reference can be found that shows these agenci (MORE)
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Is Lincoln Academy an accredited academy?

Lincoln Academy is accredited by the National Home  School Accrediation of America (NHSAA). Community colleges, 4 year  universities, trade/career schools, and employers acc (MORE)