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What is a car accessory?

A car accessory is generally an aftermarket addition to your car i.e something that does not come as part of the car, but is added afterwards, either by the dealer, or more co (MORE)
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What are the accessory part of a flower?

Perianth - the outer floral parts, composed of the calyx and the corolla. Tepal - used when calyx and corolla are very similar and not easily distinguished as in Lilium cate (MORE)
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What are scene accessories?

Ahh. Scene accessories, hey?  Well, there are a massive range to choose from. Big, chunky and bright is one option - but now people are also going for the cute, adorable look (MORE)

How the accessory organs aid digestion?

The digestive system in the human body has several organs that aid  in digestion. The liver is an accessory organ that produces bile  which is made of dead red blood cells a (MORE)
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Were is Claires accessories?

go to and click on "store locator" and put in your area info and it will show you. They are all over the world!
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What Barbie accessories are there?

There are many types of Barbie Accessories out there. Barbie's accessories include: Transportation. Motercycles, Planes, Cars (Vans, Sportcars, Limos, Jeeps Etc), Skateb (MORE)