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What is an accessory?

An accessory is part detail stuff can play a important role in the whole thing. so maybe it is small part, but sometimes it can not be ignored. It could be a necklace, earri (MORE)

What is the garment accessories?

Garment accessories are an essential partner in clothing, it is notjust a sign of the clothes, or clothing brand and reflect the valueof brand. As usual they contain cloth, zi (MORE)

How do you spell accessory?

That is the correct spelling "accessory" meaning a related orcomplementary item, or a person related to the commission of acrime.
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What accessories does a witch have?

This depends entirely on the witch. If he or she are interested in herbal magical practices, they may own a mortar and pestle, censer, charcoal blocks, herbs and essential oil (MORE)

What Barbie accessories are there?

There are many types of Barbie Accessories out there. Barbie's accessories include: Transportation. Motercycles, Planes, Cars (Vans, Sportcars, Limos, Jeeps Etc), Skat (MORE)
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Is a bag an accessorie?

definetly a bag is an accercory if it makes your outfit stand out and express your personality than yes it is
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What were Persephone's accessories?

Persephone did not need any such thing, as a Queen of the Underworld her powers are not to be limited by "accessories".
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Did Persephone have accessories?

No: she would need none as Queen of the Underworld and ruler of the Furies.
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What are dinghy accessories?

Oars, mast and sail(s), seat cushions, fenders, additional line(s), flotation device, flotation vests for all persons aboard, an ice box (with ice), and perhaps some fishing g (MORE)