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What is air accident?

  Air accident defined as an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft. You can find more (MORE)

What are accidents?

An accident is when there is no intention to cause damage or injury, the damage or injury happens, in part due to chance. This does not imply the absence of Negligence, inde (MORE)

What is workshop accidents?

There are many causes that can indeed be self injuring or be fatal. The first thing that may be the cause of a workshop accident is wearing the improper equipment. It is impor (MORE)

What do you do after a car accident?

This is for in the UK (though I suspect just about everywhere as most of it is common sense):   If anyone is injured, regardless of how lightly (i.e. even just a cut or bru (MORE)

What is occupational accident?

  An accident that occurs while you are on the job. For example you slam your foot in the office door while you are at work.
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What if you are not a fault for accident but get into an accident?

If you are not at fault for the accident and sustained injuries or  property damage as a result, you may be compensated by the party  who caused it. Also, if you have insura (MORE)

How can you avoid accidents?

There are many ways to overcome accidents in kitchen and on road. The main and easy way, is to increase concentration. Pay attention to what you are doing. Take all precauti (MORE)

What are chemical accidents?

Chemical accidents are accidents happening in the chemical  industry, during the transport of hazardous chemicals, or in the  use of hazardous chemicals. They usually involv (MORE)