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What did Henry Hudson accomplish or did not accomplish?

Accomplished: Henry Hudson is credited for discovering New York, and hediscovered the Hudson River, and so it was named after him. Not Accomplished: Henry Hudson went on his v (MORE)
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What did Odysseus accomplish?

Odysseus was a hero in Homer's poem The Odyssey. He is known forhis cunning intelligence, his ranking in the Trojan War, andproviding peace to Ithaca.
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What is accomplish?

its a goal you met,like say if i want to accomplish my goal of getting 10 dollars a week once i have the 10 dollar a week u accomplished ur goal...........................
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What does natron salt accomplish and how does it accomplish it?

Blended with oil, it was an early form of soap. It softens water while removing oil and grease. Undiluted, natron was a cleanser for the teeth and an early mouthwash. The mine (MORE)
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What is a accomplishments?

accomplishments are if you have a goal you made it to your goal and you completed it so that is an accomplishment
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Accomplishments- please list your accomplishments?

The word "accomplishments" in this question refers to what you have achieved, both in your work experience and your school experience (what degrees you possess, for example, a (MORE)