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Define accounting and principles of accounting?

Accounting is the process of communicating financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers. Accounting is defined by the American In (MORE)

What is accounts?

Accounts are records or statements of expenditure or receipts that  regard a given period of time. Accounts may also be regarded as  identification for people registered to (MORE)

What is an accountant?

An accountant provides information about financial records and is involved with the financial side of business.. This involves financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensi (MORE)

How do I get an accounting job with no accounting experience?

A similar question above this one has some specific answers. On top of those, keep in touch with your classmates, and use them to network as they find jobs. I got my first a (MORE)

What do accountants do?

  Answer     Accountant's do a number of things. They manage your money, help set a budget for you, teach you to manage your money wisely, and they also take car (MORE)

Cost accounting and financial accounting?

Financial accounting refers to the branch that prepared financial reports (known as financial statements) that are for general use. Primarily however, they are prepared for ex (MORE)

Accounts receivable is what type of account?

Accounts receivable is a current asset.     Accounts receivable is an "asset" account true, however  depending on the expected amount of time the company intends to (MORE)