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What does an accountant do?

Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) provide accounting and tax  services to other businesses and to the general public on a fee  basis.    The services they provide (MORE)

What do accountants do?

  Answer     Accountant's do a number of things. They manage your money, help set a budget for you, teach you to manage your money wisely, and they also take car (MORE)

Why be an accountant?

An accountant can usually find work even in a bad economy.    An accountant can work in almost any industry, from operating their  own business to working for any size (MORE)

What is accounting about?

Accounting is often refer to as the "language of Business". Accounting deals with all personal and business information that deals with money.
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What is accountable?

Accountable means to be responsible. Accountable also means  understandable. The word is an adjective. An adjective is a word  that adds attribute to a noun.

How do you get into your account?

What on earth is club penguin? All I want is to read my email, I joined 2/26 and the screen is loaded with a lot of strange things. I am 87 years old and must admit you have s (MORE)

What does an accounter do?

Pay bills, write invoices, prepares quarterly reports, opens and closes accounts, and anything else that deals with money within the company, payroll being a big one.
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