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How does accretion heat a planet?

During accretion, any object falling towards a planet will acquire a velocity because of the gravitational attraction from the planet. So, the object will have a kinetic ene (MORE)
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What is an Accreted Terrain?

Part of the lithosphere that comes off when a plate collides into  another plate, and is added to it. This often happens when an  oceanic plate subducts under a continental (MORE)

What in geology?

about earth ^thats true, but ive done Geology as an A Level and the modules i did involved tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes, folding and faulting of rock, what the e (MORE)

What is accretion geology?

accretion occurs when two plates collide. when an oceanic plate  dives beneath a continental plate, there is a layer of sedimentary  rock from the oceanic plate that is less (MORE)

What is the Accretion theory?

This belongs in astronomy. It's a theory of how solar systems have come to be. Basically, clouds of gas draw together and form an accretion disc (which lies in a plane equ (MORE)

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Will you explain about the outflow from the accretion disc?

Query   Whats an accretion disc?     Answer   Accretion disc is a disc of matter that falls on the black hole. It rotates around it rapidly, heating up and e (MORE)

Why is geology called geology?

Geology is the study of Earth. Geology is called geology because geo means Earth, and logy means discourse. Nevertheless, geology is reasonably defined to be a science that pu (MORE)