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What is this 'The Accursed Thing' in Joshua 7 v5?

The word "Cherem" means something set aside, not necessarily cursed. Sometimes it refers to something set aside for destruction (Numbers 21:2); and sometimes it means things s (MORE)

How much exp do runescape accursed urns give?

Runescape Accursed Urns give a bonus experience of 375 exp. To fill the urn you have to have the urn in your inventory and kill lesser or greater demons. The ashes will automa (MORE)

Whose family was stoned and burned for taking of the accursed thing?

When the Israelites crossed the Jordan, God explicitly commanded that the firstfruits of the conquest, the city of Jericho, "must become a thing devoted to destruction; . . . (MORE)

How do you use accursed urns in runescape?

Basically, you keep them in your inventory while killing monsters that drop special ashes, such as demonic ashes or accursed ashes. The urn will automatically be filled with t (MORE)