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Can an ac adapter's output be AC?

  Dont try to change it!!!!   Yes an AC adaptors output can be AC. In order to change the output to AC a few components inside of the adaptor has to be removed. (MORE)
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What is an ace?

In a deck of cards it is the one with the capital letter A on it. In games like blackjack it can be a 1 or an 11. In most other games it is the card that is one higher than a (MORE)

Who were the aces?

  Aces were pilots who shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft.     Also, the term was loosely applied to German soldiers who destroyed more than 5 tanks.
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What is .ace?

  What is ACE ACE is a national charitable organization that is defining the path of champions by teaching and igniting young Canadians to create brighter futures for th (MORE)
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Who are the aces?

  The ACES or O.O.K = organisation of kids. Who want to fight for rights but do not have the power to do so yet they are recruiting members now and are working on better t (MORE)
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What does ac in AC-130 mean?

The A means attack or air to ground (A-10, A-6, etc) and the C means cargo (C-5, C-17). Since the AC-130 is a modified C-130, it carries both designators.

What converts ac to ac?

if its already an ac y u need to convert!......Yes it need to  change because in ac supply we need to change the frequency of  current so ac to ac converter needed.The name (MORE)

Is transformer is ac to ac converter?

Yes, a transformer could be termed a voltage converter. Converting or transforming one AC voltage into a higher or lower AC voltage is the main purpose of a transformer.
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