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What is acetone?

It is a volatile organic solvent with formulaCH 3 COCH 3 . It is frequently used in nailpolish removers and is a commonly used solvent in chemistrylaboratories. Click here f (MORE)
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Where can you get Acetone?

the chemical acetone is most commonly found in products such as nail varnish remover and is made up of a complex base of chemicals. the easiest way to obtain acetone would be (MORE)
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How do you dispose of acetone?

Acetone readily evaporates at room temperature. If you would liketo dispose of some, simple place it outside and let it evaporate.Be careful to place some sort of cage around (MORE)
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Does acetone freeze?

Yes, at -94.7 degrees Celsius, or -138.46 degrees Fahrenheit. That's 138 degrees below zero! By the way, all liquids will freeze.
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What has acetone in it?

Most nail varnish removers. Its used as a degreaseant in many applications in industry prior to coating /painting
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Acetone what is it?

It is a yellow liquid that has a burning smoke when lit ablaze. It is used as a fertilizer to grow tobbaco. If you drink it, you will have a strong chance of death.
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Where can you get acetone from?

Most nail polish remover is made from 100% acetone. Just read the bottle, because some varieties are acetone free. You can purchase it in larger quantities at hardware stores. (MORE)
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Does acetone reacts with acetone?

No, because when you add acetone to acetone, all you are doing is adding more of the volume of acetone to acetone. You are just changing the amount of acetone, not anything ch (MORE)
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What is the function of acetone?

Acetone has various functions. It can be used as a powerful solvent for cleaning beakers, desks etc. It can have dry ice added to it in order to cool a reaction down to (MORE)
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How did you get acetone?

It's available in acetone nail polish remover, which you can buy at the local beauty store. More pure forms of acetone can be brought online.