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What are your achievements?

It is important when you answer this question to be thorough, andto be sure to include anything and everything you've done thatcould be relevant to that particular job. Be sur (MORE)

What have you achieved?

a lot of things to be mentioned....emotionally,physically,as well as mentally and in social aspect...but financially i stiill hoping to be achieve it through the sense of fact (MORE)

Why achieve?

\nBig question!!!!\n. \nI would say, to grow in life, but in 100 years from now all of us are going to be death, so what's the point?\n. \nThen maybe, grow spiritually? But (MORE)

What are his achievements?

he led a revelution in cuba and overthrew the goverment!!!! . he is allso a stylized icon and many peoples icon!!!!
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What can an achievement be?

An achievment is an award given for completing tasks in a game. An achievment can be something as simple as modifying your appearance, or it can be something complex (as in H (MORE)
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What is an achieving?

As a noun, an achieving is an obsolete term for an achievement -something which has been accomplished by someone.