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What is acid?

Makes an object taste sour. Such as soda, lemon juice, or vinegar. A chemical that, when dissolved in water, increases theconcentration of hydronium ions (H3O+). Acid is basic ( Full Answer )
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What is in acids?

The main component of an acid is hydrogens. A hydrogen is binded to another substance (for example: Cl) to form an acid.
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What do acids do?

They are used to help tenderize the tougher cuts of meat when you slow cook them. Braisng, stewing, and any other moist heat methods of cooking.. They are used to help tender ( Full Answer )
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What does an acid do?

Any chemical compounds into a sour taste is known as acid. Acid makes a solution of non-metallic oxides in water. It turns blue litmus paper red. For example HCL, H2 SO4 and v ( Full Answer )
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What is acide?

Acid is a corrosive. Acid has a pH balance that is below seven,because of this, acid can dissolve items.
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What can acid do to you?

burn through your skin . kill you . any thing dangerous!!!!!!!! Some acids can be very corrosive, toxic, explosive, flmmable.
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Why are acids acidic?

They are acidic due to hydrogen ions. The more hydrogen ions converted from the original solution there are the more acidic it will be. For example Hydrochloric Acid converts ( Full Answer )
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Why is an acid added to water and not acid to acid?

Because it is safer: when you add a bit of water to a full container of acid, the acid can react violently and explode in your face. If you add a little bit of acid to water, ( Full Answer )
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What is acid acidic?

acidic acid is the nucleic level found on sodas or cleaning products and do forth. its all acidic but the higher the acidic level is ITS LESS ACIDIC then lower number.
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What is an acid-?

Acid is a chemical substance that neutralizes alkalies, it alsodissolves some metals, and turns litmus red; typically, a corrosiveor sour-tasting liquid of this kind. An examp ( Full Answer )