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What is acid rock?

Answer . In geology, the term acid rock refers to an igneous rock which is relatively high in silica.
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What rocks are effected by acid rain?

Virtually all types of rock are affected or could be possibly attacked by acid rain, but the degree of damage caused differs depending on the rock itself. Nevertheless, on a l (MORE)

Can muriatic acid clean rock crystals?

Cleaning Rock and Mineral Specimens GEODES First inspect the inside of the geode looking for microscopic minerals like goethite, millerite, or kaolinite that are very tiny an (MORE)
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How does carbonic acid affect rocks?

Carbonic acid is the result of carbon dioxide dissolved in water,  When carbonic acid is added to a rock and it bubbles, the rock is a  carbonate.

What does carbonic acid do to rocks?

Carbonic acid is what forms when carbon dioxide dissolves in water. It is a weak acid but will over time, dissolve many rocks, especially carbonates such as limestone. To see (MORE)

How does acid rain affect rocks?

Rainwater contains carbonic acid, and chemically reacts with rocks, particularly carbonate ones, dissolving them slowly.  As sulphur and other gases (most commonly found as (MORE)
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What is the reaction when rock meets acid?

The answer is simple. The answer is it'll react to it or not! My science teacher told me that it'll whether react or not because it really doesn't matter! Tons of rocks d (MORE)

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What is acid igneous rocks?

Igneous rocks are not an acid. Volcanic activity can release gases  that can form acid on contact with water, including sulfur dioxide  and carbon dioxide which form sulfuri (MORE)