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What is acoustics?

Acoustics is the study of the physical characteristics of sound. It deals with things like the frequency, amplitude and complexity of sound waves and how sound waves interact ( Full Answer )
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What are acoustics?

Acoustics are the study of science of production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound.
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What is acoustics of building?

Acoustics of a building refers to the way sound resonates orbounces of the walls. This is an important aspect of architecture,which usually entails detailed engineering and pl ( Full Answer )
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What do acoustical engineers do?

Places like Bose, Harmon Kardon and Sony make the equipment, but they need a special kind of designer to help and that's when the acoustical engineers come in.
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Which is good -acoustic or semi acoustic?

An acoustic guitar produces sound via the "sound hole" cut out in the wood under the strings on the main part of the guitar. This is a nice acoustic sound. For a fuller, highe ( Full Answer )
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What is acoustic signal?

a sound tat is for hearing...can also b said as some noise tat contains information in it..or a method of communicating information using sound which carries the information t ( Full Answer )
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What is an acoustic violin?

An acoustic violin is a violin which is not enhanced electrically. Acoustic violins are commonly referred to as classical violins.
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What is a acoustic project?

Are you referring to a band that is made up of all acoustic instruments? Or are you referring to a project involving building an acoustic instrument?
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What is acoustic poetry?

Example: You use a word, and describe it with the letters that are in its name Music: Mind reading Understands people Sounds Beautiful Incredible Creates a new world
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What is acoustic supercharging?

Acoustic supercharging relates to intake reverberations. Rather the amount of times the intake charge bounces back and fourth from the time the valve closes to its re-opening. ( Full Answer )