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Letter of undertaking for acquiring a loan?

If you want a letter for acquiring a loan,, it's called a pre  approval letter. It tells the buyer that you have been approved for  a loan up to a certain amount.
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How did medieval blacksmiths acquire metal?

Some blacksmiths might actually have dug their own ore, but they probably got most of their metals from miners, refiners, or metals traders. They did a lot of recycling in the (MORE)

How was Samoa acquired?

It was acquired by the U.S. because in World War 2, they found, and used Samoa as a place to store weapons, and keep some of their wounded. They also put bunkers around Samoa (MORE)

Acquiring clothing in the middle ages?

To make clothes in the middle ages, people had to make it themselves. THey had to skin animals, spin thread, weave cloth, and sew into articles of clothing.
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How are natural acquired immunity and artificial acquired immunity alike?

  Natural acquired immunity is when your body already knows how to defend against certain antigens and germs. Artificial acquired immunity is provided in shots to the bo (MORE)

When was Hawaii acquired?

The Queen was forced from her throne in 1893 by American businessmen. Hawaii unjustly became annexed to the U.S. in 1898. It became a US State in 1959.
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How can a foreigner acquire Indian citizenship?

foreigners who wish to become Indian citizens should show residence in India for 13 years ,give up citizenship of any other country and should nave knowledge of any one langua (MORE)

What is acquired traits?

Acquired traits are those characteristics that an individual  develops during its lifetime. These traits are not passed from a  parent to its offspring.

What is an acquired characteristic?

Say you go to the gym and work out many years with the free weights and develop a Mr Universe physique. That is an acquired characteristic. Not every one can go to the gym and (MORE)

Can you acquire an allergy?

Yes. Although not likely, it is possible for basophils to become aware of the allergen after the first exposure. At first exposure, nothing will happen, but overtime, the defe (MORE)