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How was Texas acquired?

annexed and according to an 1836 treaty, its borders stretched to the Rio grande but was disputed by Mexico and then after a 2 year war the US paid money to Mexico for it. (18 ( Full Answer )
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How is guardianship acquired?

In general, guardianship can be acquired in two ways: either by assumption as the biological parents or through a court order. Legal guardianship is considered to be binding u ( Full Answer )
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How are infections acquired?

Some infections travel through the air. A cut can become infected if dirt gets in it. Other infections are transmitted by coming into contact with body fluids, or even by kiss ( Full Answer )
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Can you acquire an allergy?

Yes. Although not likely, it is possible for basophils to become aware of the allergen after the first exposure. At first exposure, nothing will happen, but overtime, the defe ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for acquiring?

A synonym for "acquiring" is "getting" (but not necessarily buying). He was acquiring many properties but the police could not figure out how he was able to buy any of them ( Full Answer )
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When is grammar acquired?

Grammar is acquired from the very start of learning language as an infant, by listening to parents and other people around the child when they're talking. Children continue le ( Full Answer )
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What is acquired myopia?

occurs after infancy. This condition may be seen in association with uncontrolled diabetes and certain types of cataracts. Antihypertensive drugs and other medications can als ( Full Answer )
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What is acquire by bequest?

To acquire something by bequest means to inherit it according to the terms of a will.
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How is witchcraft acquired?

Through birth.Using possed objects.Through curses. A Pagan Perspective Witchcraft, the Craft of the Wise, magic are acquired through study, research, practice and effort ( Full Answer )
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What is an acquirer?

An acquirer is someone who acquires, or a bank or financialinstitution which processes credit or debit card payments on behalfof a merchant.