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How do acqUire happiness?

The easiest and quickest way to acquiring happiness... is to focus on making others happy. Trust me, it works :)
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What is an acquired trait?

An acquired trait, is a trait that is developed in an organisms lifetime and is thus not inherited by its offspring. For example, humans gain knowledge over their lifetime, bu (MORE)

How is botulism acquired?

There are three types of botulism 1) infant 2) wound 3) food. Clostridium botulinum is commonly found in soil as a obligate anaerobe means oxygen is toxic. botulism can be acq (MORE)

What is an acquired status?

A status that you earn or pay for is one answer. "Status" can also be acquired through no actions ( earn or pay for ) of one's self. Examples include receiving the status of a (MORE)

How was Hawaii acquired?

  The Republic of Hawaii was the formal name of Hawaii from 1894 to 1898 when it was run as a republic.     The republic period occurred between the administration (MORE)

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These animals are truly one of a kind. One parrot can not only open a can with his beak, he can open dozens in just seconds. He's so skilled, in fact, that he holds the (MORE)

How do you acquire anorexia?

It usually starts when someone is on a diet and becomes upsest with it . then when they look themselves they see a very obease person. Then everytime they lose weight the thin (MORE)

How is citizenship acquired?

Citizenship is acquired by either being born in a country or by  taking a country's citizenship test. Contact your local immigration  office to find out how to apply for cit (MORE)

How do you acquire magic?

Search the question 'How do you get magic'. It's the same reply I'd give for either. A Pagan Perspective As a practicing pagan/witch I can only tell you how it happened for (MORE)

Can you acquire an allergy?

Yes. Although not likely, it is possible for basophils to become aware of the allergen after the first exposure. At first exposure, nothing will happen, but overtime, the defe (MORE)