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When was Texas acquired?

Texas was acquired in1845 from santa Anna, (Mexico) and they had a war about who Texas belonged to, and for a while Texas was a country of its own. :]
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How can land be acquired?

By gift, purchase, marriage, inheritance, adverse possession, payment of unpaid taxes and by homesteading unclaimed land.
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How was California acquired?

The United States conquered California in 1847, which had been a Mexican territory up to that time.
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How do you acquire a franchise?

Success begins with a thorough investigation of all business opportunities.Given the long-term investment of both time and money, it is crucial to identify multiple opportunit (MORE)
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How to acquire popularity?

You can gain popularity by just being yourself, having confidence, and having good character. I know it's what all adults tell you will help you become a better person, but th (MORE)

How do you acquire magic?

Search the question 'How do you get magic'. It's the same reply I'd give for either. A Pagan Perspective As a practicing pagan/witch I can only tell you how it happened f (MORE)
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How did you acquired Maine?

Maine was acquired when tensions between the North and South were rising. the state of main was manly created to balance the power of the North and South by having an equal nu (MORE)

How do acqUire happiness?

The easiest and quickest way to acquiring happiness... is to focus on making others happy. Trust me, it works :)
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What is an acquirer?

An acquirer is someone who acquires, or a bank or financialinstitution which processes credit or debit card payments on behalfof a merchant.
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