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What is the Acropolis?

An acropolis is a hill in Greece which means "upper city". When acity-state was formed, a hill was fortified as a refuge duringattack - it contained a temple of the patron god (MORE)

What is an acropolis?

The word means 'high city - a city-state established a fort on asteep hill to which ot go in the event of invasion. As the citybuilt up around the hill, temples and their trea (MORE)

Agora and acropolis?

The Ancient Agora of classical Greece is located northwest of the  Acropolis. It was believed to have been created as a public space  in the 6th century BCE. It was destroye (MORE)
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When was the acropolis discovered?

The Acropolis is not a natural feature, it is man made and has  never been lost so it can never ever have been "discovered".
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