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What is the Acropolis?

An acropolis is a hill in Greece which means "upper city". When acity-state was formed, a hill was fortified as a refuge duringattack - it contained a temple of the patron god (MORE)

When was the Acropolis built?

Acropolis means 'high city' - it was initially the fortress of theearly settlement around which the city developed. Variousstructures were built on the plateau - temples, trea (MORE)

Agora and acropolis?

The Ancient Agora of classical Greece is located northwest of theAcropolis. It was believed to have been created as a public spacein the 6th century BCE. It was destroyed by t (MORE)
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When was the acropolis discovered?

The Acropolis is not a natural feature, it is man made and hasnever been lost so it can never ever have been "discovered".