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What is an example of an acrostic?

an acrostic poem is easy to write;it can be about any subject.The easiest way is to put the letters that spell the subject;down the side of the page.Then go back and think of (MORE)
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What is an acrostics?

This is a form of Poetry that is simplistic and fun to do. Here's more information: How to Teach Children Acrostic Poetry: (MORE)
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An acrostic is a palindrome?

not at all! an acrostic is a poem that looks like this (it has words going across, and spells a word with the first letter of each word. please excuse the awful poem.) Fal (MORE)
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Where is an acrostic for trustworthiness?

Today you listen to me, Really paying attention to my words, Understanding every vowel, Syllables made of gold, There is no need to fear, When I am standing close to you, Oh, (MORE)

What is an 'acrostic poem'?

An acrostic poem is a sentence, or poem, in which the first initial of words. or lines, spell a word (eg. Do Wizards Enchant Little Lizards : dwell In this example Paul McCan (MORE)

What is a acrostic for Morocco?

Monarchy is one of the forms of government they  use   One of the languages in morocco  Rabat is Morocco's capital  Ouarzazate is another city in  Cascablanna is a cit (MORE)
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Is an acrostic?

It is a composition, a poem or a word puzzle, in which certain letters in each line form a word or words
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