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Is a epileptic seizure legally considered an act of god?

No they are not. An act of God is generally described in legal texts and cases as something that occurs strictly as a result of the forces of nature without any human interven (MORE)

What are god?

To correct your grammar, "what is God"? Or "who is God"? God is the  Creator and King of all. He created the heavens and the earth and  everything in it. He is spirit. He is (MORE)

Is god there?

Yes, God is always there for you. He is like your best friend. In fact, He even asks you to make Him your best friend. Don't ever think He's not there for you, because He is. (MORE)

Why is there a god?

how can you say why is there a god, if you have no proof of his  existance? if you think that if you told somebody a story and that  story got passed on through generations (MORE)

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Is there a God?

The community has said... . I don't know. We'll all find out one day! Maybe, maybenot. . Without empirical proof, then it's all hypothesis, conjecturesand/or wishful thin (MORE)

What are the saving acts of God?

Saving acts of God are those things that help a person change his  or her ways. These acts could be kindness, generosity, healing, and  breakthroughs.
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How did the gods and goddesses act like the human beings in The Iliad?

their behaviors and reactions to issues were more human than  god-like (ares and aphrodite complaining that they got injured in  battle rather than acting like grown ups) as (MORE)

Is a hurricane an Act of God?

NO, Of course not. A hurricane is an act of nature. to think God did it you would have to believe that God Kills people. NO person in their right mind would think God is a mur (MORE)

Why even though Josiah did all that God asked of him God still punished him and all Jerusalem for the acts of his grandfather 2Kings 23 v26?

God promised He would punish Jerusalem and Judah for the evil King Manasseh (Josiah's grandfather) had done:- 2Ki 21:11-17 ISV-v2.0 "Because King Manasseh of Judah has commit (MORE)

Where is God?

If God is the inherent intelligence within all entities as professed by most theologies, then by that definition God should be wherever you are. If the theology is true then G (MORE)