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How does God speak from Acts through the present?

In the book of Acts there are numerous instances of God  communicating in various ways to various people.    Acts 2 God used Peter, empowered by the Holy Spirit to pre (MORE)

What are the saving acts of God?

Saving acts of God are those things that help a person change his  or her ways. These acts could be kindness, generosity, healing, and  breakthroughs.

Act of God in insuranceAct of God and act of terrorism explain?

The definition for an "Act of God" varies from state to state and then from one insurance company to another. A good general definition of this phrase though is given by the M (MORE)

Is a hurricane an Act of God?

NO, Of course not. A hurricane is an act of nature. to think God did it you would have to believe that God Kills people. NO person in their right mind would think God is a mur (MORE)

Is an act ethical if it is approved by God?

Another answer from our community:Find the answer in your  heart, it will come to you , see in your beliefs and do what you  think is right.
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What does the acts teach us about god?

Acts calls you to ask the Holy Spirit to show you God's mission opportunity for you and to lead you to overcome all opposition to that mission.
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