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Is Acts an Epistle?

A:No. Acts of the Apostles is a sequel to Luke's Gospel and is often thought of as a history of the early Church. Perhaps it could better be regarded as an epic written in the (MORE)

What is the Terasoff Act?

  if you are referring to the landmark Tarasoff case, this is what your answer would be. The Tarasoff Act basically mandates that mental health professionals have a lega (MORE)
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What is sharda act?

Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 popularly kwown as the Sharda Act after its sponsor Rai Sahib Harbilas Sarda to the British India Legislature in India was passed on 28 Septe (MORE)

How did Aphrodite act?

Aphrodite acted extremly stubborn and stuck up. She did WHAT she wanted, WHEN she wanted. She cared precisely cared only about her and how she looked. After all, she was the g (MORE)

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How do camels act?

A camel is a very calm, slow moving animal. Camels are very mild  mannered until you make them angry, in which they may spit.
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What did the Toleration Act do?

It guaranteed toleration to all christians. It declared a death penalty for those like jew, and atheists, who denied the divinity of Jesus and ofcourse was used in protection (MORE)

Kinds of acts which are elicited acts?

kinds of elicited acts 1. wish 2.intention 3.consent 4.election 5.use 6.fruition
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How the Jews act?

People are individuals they do not collectivly act the same way just because they are part of the same religion. Jews live in many different countries, I have known jews who a (MORE)