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What is the end result of an action potential?

a neural impulse(electrical impulse) is released and it travels down the axon of a neuron to the axon terminals. At the axon terminal there are sacs called synaptic vesicles w (MORE)

What is an action potential?

An action potential can also be called a nerve impulse which is known to be stimulated by an external stimuli or upon internal excitation. This action potential travels thro (MORE)
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What are pacemaker potentials and the action potential they trigger?

Pacemaker potentials are automatic potentials generated and are exclusively seen in the heart. They arise from the natural "leakiness" of the membrane that pacemaker cells hav (MORE)
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The start of an action potential?

An action potential starts when sodium channels in a neuron end open and sodium ions rush is, depolarizing the neuron's membrane.
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How are resting potential and action potential related?

Resting potential and action potential are both names for the measure of electrical voltage within the membrane of a cell. Specifically, these terms are used in describing the (MORE)