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What is Sonar Mapping?

Sonar mapping uses sound waves to map out the contours or the shape of the ocean bottom. Sonar is an acronym for Sound Navigation Ranging. Typically, a pulse of sound is gener (MORE)
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What is SONAR?

It is SOund NAvigation and Ranging. Sound is used to navigate, and to detect objects in water. Sonography also has other applications.  There are two main types of Sonar syst (MORE)

What is active sonar?

A transponder makes a sound in the fluid, and the time it takes the return pulse to arrive allows one to determine distance, and the direction the return pulse comes from tell (MORE)
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What is principle of sonar?

When ultrasonics waves is transmitted through water, it is reflected by the object in the water and will produce an echo signal. By noting the time interval between the gene (MORE)

What is sonar signal?

The sonar signals are audio wave signals created by the transmitter that can pass through water. When Radio signals are created in air it is called radar. Usually sonar are us (MORE)
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Why is sonar useful?

Sonar can be useful because when an animal or machine makes a noise, it sends out sound waves into the environment around it. Those waves bounce off nearby objects, and some o (MORE)

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