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What are Activities for Activity Based Costing?

This approach aims at deleting all the activities that do not add value and support all the activities that add value. Accordingly, the organization avoids all costs that are (MORE)

What is activity?

Activity is doing things . They can be physical as well as mental activities . There are passive activities also .
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How do you be active?

play in sports, run around, be outside and just play around it doesnt matter how long you do at least you are doing something and not be a couch potatoe

How do you distiguish for the optically active and in active?

First of all we should know what optically active molecules are "Those molecules which possess asymmetric(chiral) carbon atoms have the ability to rotate the plane polarized (MORE)

What is activism?

Activism is similar to advocacy but where it differs is really the heart of activism. Activism usually involves more action that is direct in addressing issues, in a community (MORE)

Can active volcanoes become in active?

Some types of volcanoes are known as "monogenetic" meaning they are formed in and limited to, one single eruption, commonly forming cinder cones. One example is Paricutin in t (MORE)