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What is activity?

Activity is doing things . They can be physical as well as mental activities . There are passive activities also .
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How do you be active?

play in sports, run around, be outside and just play around it doesnt matter how long you do at least you are doing something and not be a couch potatoe
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Is the endocrine system active when you are active?

Endocrine system is and internal involuntery system which work according to the need of body but not in control of our will so it can be improve as such but there are some syn ( Full Answer )
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What are the activities of IT?

There are so many activities comes under IT. IT Service providers provide so many different services like web site design, software development, SEO, etc.
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What activities are in activity books?

In my activity books there, crossword puzzles, word searches, witch to are the same, same or different, all kinds of stuff!!
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Why Active Directory is called active?

Active Directory is called active bacause it is activelyupdating it's data through replication from differnt sitesand other domain controllers with in the network
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What is activism?

Activism is similar to advocacy but where it differs is really the heart of activism. Activism usually involves more action that is direct in addressing issues, in a community ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to activated and how it you can?

When one really has activated, and even as decided once to use even go, it is then that he really has been can activated.
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What are active high and active low?

This is two different ways voltage in a digital circuit canrepresent the "1" or "true" state: . active high the higher (more positive) voltage represents the "1" or "true" ( Full Answer )