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What is active appeasement?

Passive appeasement is standing by while someone or something else  gets what they want: Watching and doing nothing while wolves attack  your sheep and kill them. Active app (MORE)

What is seizure activity?

The most commonly known seizure activity is convulsions, loss of consciousness, black outs, a blank stare. Other types seizure activity consist of dizziness, Strange sounds, s (MORE)

How do you distiguish for the optically active and in active?

First of all we should know what optically active molecules are "Those molecules which possess asymmetric(chiral) carbon atoms have the ability to rotate the plane polarized (MORE)

What is precursor activation?

process in which initial substrate sends signals to activate the enzyme of successive step is known as precursor activation

What is human activity?

The things that people do are human activity. The things that  people cause to happen are also human activity. These acts and  deeds have an impact on the environment and ca (MORE)

What is commercial activities?

Any activity which is conducted for gain is considered a commercial activity and can be conducted only under a permit. Commercial activities on parks are managed to ensure min (MORE)

What is activism?

Activism is similar to advocacy but where it differs is really the heart of activism. Activism usually involves more action that is direct in addressing issues, in a community (MORE)

What are active high and active low?

This is two different ways voltage in a digital circuit can  represent the "1" or "true" state:    active high the higher (more positive) voltage  represents the "1" o (MORE)