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What is active appeasement?

Passive appeasement is standing by while someone or something else  gets what they want: Watching and doing nothing while wolves attack  your sheep and kill them. Active app (MORE)

What is active packaging?

Active Packaging is a type of passaging that can control or react to things going on inside the packaging. For instance, some types of active packaging will control the temper (MORE)
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What do clot activators do?

They help the blood sample in the tube clot so that serum can be separated for analysis. Serum is the preferred specimen for many tests such as hormones, proteins and electrol (MORE)

What is precursor activation?

process in which initial substrate sends signals to activate the enzyme of successive step is known as precursor activation
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What is human activity?

The things that people do are human activity. The things that  people cause to happen are also human activity. These acts and  deeds have an impact on the environment and ca (MORE)

What is commercial activities?

Any activity which is conducted for gain is considered a commercial activity and can be conducted only under a permit. Commercial activities on parks are managed to ensure min (MORE)

What activities did neanderthals do?

They were stone age hunter/gatherers, who lived in caves and rock shelters. They hunted large animals, such as bison, horse, mammoth, etc.
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What are active high and active low?

This is two different ways voltage in a digital circuit can  represent the "1" or "true" state:    active high the higher (more positive) voltage  represents the "1" o (MORE)