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What does an activities coordinator do?

An activities coordinator plans and organizes activities usually  for a nursing home or corporate setting. They can plan outings,  exercise and parties.
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What activity can you do in summer?

At Dolores, Colorado you can do the following activities during summer. • Horseback Riding • Fly Fishing • Hiking • Mountaineering • Mountain Biking • (MORE)

How do you distiguish for the optically active and in active?

First of all we should know what optically active molecules are "Those molecules which possess asymmetric(chiral) carbon atoms have the ability to rotate the plane polarized (MORE)
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What is quinary activity?

decision makers and policy makers in the highest level fall into this type of category . the decision making activity of advisors or consultants , like legal authorities and p (MORE)

What is activated glucose?

  The prefix "activated" usually means condensation of a sugar molecule like glucose with a nucleotide. Examples are uridine-5'-diphosphate (UDP) for activation of glucose (MORE)

What is active exhalation?

Active Exhalation a.k.a. Forced Expiration - Accessory muscles are used to assist passive forces Accessory muscles used: INTERNAL RIB CAGE MUSCLES- 1. Internal Intercostals (MORE)

What is activism?

Activism is similar to advocacy but where it differs is really the heart of activism. Activism usually involves more action that is direct in addressing issues, in a community (MORE)

What are active high and active low?

This is two different ways voltage in a digital circuit can  represent the "1" or "true" state:    active high the higher (more positive) voltage  represents the "1" o (MORE)