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Who is an iconic actor?

Clark Gable for doing 12 movies in 1 year and hes in some of the best movies made   Harold Lloyd for doing 20 movies in the 1920s and done talkies and silent movies and don (MORE)

Do actors travel?

  Yes, many actors do travel. There are tours that go all over the world, within the US, UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia. There are also many regional jobs that require (MORE)

What president was an actor?

Ronald Reagan was the only president who earned his living as an actor before he became president. In 1937 Reagan he signed a 7-year contract with Warner Brothers studios. H (MORE)

Where do actors works?

An actors' primary career is that of an actor, as in starring or being part of a movie or television series, or as producers/screenwriters for a movie they're the lead role in (MORE)

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Are actors rich?

Some are, like the big star actors/actresses. The small ones, like the ones on a commercial or other things like theater are not and have to get other jobs to support themselv (MORE)

What is a transnational actor?

A transnational actor is a person in the political realm that  wields influence beyond the borders of his or her country. One  transnational actor today is former US Preside (MORE)

How presidents were actors?

As of May 2014, only one president was ever an actor. President  Ronald Reagan was an actor and President of the Screen Actors  Guild. He appeared on film and TV.
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Is actor a pronoun?

No, the word 'actor' is a noun, a word for a person.   A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a  sentence.   The pronoun that takes the place of the no (MORE)