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How can I become an Actor?

Every actor starts as an unknown, and as such, you take whatever acting roles you can get - starting with school plays (if you are still in school). Any acting that you do wil (MORE)

What do actors have to do to be a good actor?

So actually if it's given to you naturally than your good. But here are some recommendations to make sure your a great actor.   * You act exactly like in the given sc (MORE)

What is an actor?

An actor is a male who works in films or plays as a character.   An actress is a female who works in films or plays as a character.   Although you can call a female an a (MORE)

What is an uncredited actor?

Any actor whose name does not appear in the credits. This is  usually a famous person who does a cameo uncredited to keep it a  surprise, or isn't happy from the project and (MORE)
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Into the wild actor?

  Assuming you are talking about the leading man role, that would be Emile Hirsch
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Do actors have to marry only actors?

No, not at all. There are many actors married to people outside of  the acting industry.
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