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What does 'Ad astra per aspera' mean on the state seal of Kansas?

  On the state seal of Kansas, the phrase 'Ad astra per aspera' is the state motto. Its meaning in English is To the stars through difficulties. In the word-by-word transl (MORE)
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What does ad astra par aspera mean?

It means, "To the Stars Through Difficulty" "Ad Astra Per Aspera" is in Latin
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What does Ad Astra per Aspera mean?

Ad Astra per Aspera means "To the stars through difficulties" and is the Kansas state motto.   "Per ardua ad astra" is slightly different in emphasis and is the motto of t (MORE)

What does the Quotation ad astra per alia porci mean?

It means "To the stars on the garlic plants of a pig." Someone miscopied John Steinbeck's personal motto, and the erroneous version got spread over the web and everyone now se (MORE)

How do you pronounce Per aspera ad astra?

  pronunciation = pear ah-spay-rah ahd ah-strah   translation = through trials to the stars
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What is 'Nec aspera terrent' in English?

Nec Aspera Terrent would probably be closest translated as  'Hardships do not deter us', Nec meaning a negative, not, Aspera  meaning hard work, compare 'Per Aspera Ad Astra (MORE)

What is linea aspera why is it called so?

SIMPLE DEFINITION: linea /li·nea/ (lin´e-ah) pl. li´neae [L.] line; in anatomy, a narrow ridge or streak on the surface of a structure. IN-DEPTH DEFINITION:   linea_as (MORE)
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Who said ad astra per aspera?

There are three well known pieces of literature that uses the  phrase 'ad Astra per aspera.' It was used in Hermann Hesse's  Beneath the Wheel, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockin (MORE)