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What does the Quotation ad astra per alia porci mean?

It means "To the stars on the garlic plants of a pig." Someone miscopied John Steinbeck's personal motto, and the erroneous version got spread over the web and everyone now se (MORE)

How do you pronounce Per aspera ad astra?

  pronunciation = pear ah-spay-rah ahd ah-strah   translation = through trials to the stars
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What does per crusem ad lucem mean in English?

I believe you mean per crucem ad lucem which means "through the cross to the light"
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How much ascorbic acid per 10K gallons of pool water can be added to clean yellow or brown vinyl pool liner stains?

The dosage is 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons. Run filter 24 hours. Backwash or clean filter after 3 days. Be sure to test the stain with a vitamin c tablet before adding ascorbic a (MORE)

Who said ad astra per aspera?

There are three well known pieces of literature that uses the  phrase 'ad Astra per aspera.' It was used in Hermann Hesse's  Beneath the Wheel, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockin (MORE)