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Where did Ada Byron Lovelace work?

Ada Byron Lovelace inherited the gift of intelligence of her  father, Lord Byron. She was a brilliant mathematician, who along  with Charles Babbage, worked to create the fi (MORE)

Was Ada lovelace fat?

No she was not fat,she was a little bit chubby,but skinny...Im in 8th grade and we do a living history day and I picked her so I know about EVERYTHING about her(:

How did Ada lovelace die?

Ada Lovelace died from a bloodletting. She had been diagnosed with Cancer of the Uterus, and this was a common treatment for Cancer at the time. Of course modern medicine (MORE)

Did Ada Lovelace invent the computer?

Ada Lovelace did not invent the computer. She is, however,  considered to be the writer of the first computer program which was  written for a mathematical machine called th (MORE)

Where did Ada Lovelace live?

Her residence was a large estate at Ockham Park, in Ockham, Surrey, along with another estate and a home in London - (she is buried in Nottingham), England.
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What are facts about ada lovelace?

-Lovelace faced numerous illnesses throughout her life. As a child, she had bouts with both measles and scarlet fever. she was even paralyzed for a year. -She died on the ev (MORE)