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Was Adam a Muslim?

Yes, Adam was Muslim in the general sense of Islam. Islam is an Arabic word that means full submission to Allah (God in English). So, Islam was the call of all God prophets to (MORE)

How is Adam Lambert?

He's doing fantastic! His debut album For Your Entertainment has sold more than 600,000 copies, he has a pltinum single with Whataya Want From Me, completed an international (MORE)

Why was Adam named Adam in Genesis?

A:The name Adam is simply Hebrew for 'man'. In fact, different analyses can be made of the chapters in which Adam (and 'man') is mentioned, by either replacing 'Adam' by 'man' (MORE)

Why was Adam created?

The bible says god came every evening to meet Adam , as he was created in gods own shape.
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Who were Adam and Eve?

A: In the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), they were considered to be the first people on earth. In those religions Adam and Eve were believed to be crea (MORE)

Was Adam a Jew?

One thought: No. According to the Bible, Adam did not belong to any 'one group' of humans, but was the 'father' of all the nations.(Acts 17:26) The term "Jew" is believed to (MORE)

What does Adam stand for in Adam-12?

1 = Central Division Adam = Two Man Patrol Car 12 = Basic Car Area of Patrol Every division in LAPD is further divided by basic areas, in which specific cars are assigned. Usu (MORE)

What did Adam and Eve do?

God told them to "keep" the garden, so they likely tended to it.  Maybe even picking up fallen leaves and cleaning up after animals.  It was a perfect earth, but still a phy (MORE)

Who is Adam Luaces?

Adam Luaces is CMO and Executive Vice-President of Nevaeh Recordings, LLC, an independent record label based out of New York City. The label, which was formed in 2007, recentl (MORE)