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What is the average weight of a 5' 1 woman?

  * It depends on age, body type, frame, ect. but anywhere between 95 and 120 lbs.   * The average weight for a woman who is 5' 1" would be between 110 and 140 depend (MORE)

Who is the woman on the US 1 dollar coin?

If you mean a dollar minted in 1935 or earlier, it's Miss Liberty, as in "Statue of ..." If your coin is dated 1979-81 or 1999, it's a picture of woman's rights activist Sus (MORE)

Did Satan bow before Adam and Eve in the first creation of man and woman?

Many Muslims believe that Satan was thrown out of heaven because he refused to bow down before Adam. Christians believe that Satan was thrown out of heaven, but usually for (MORE)

What did woman do in World War 1?

Women were nurses in World War I there werent any Women soldiers in World War I and few women leaders. they did the mens work. some of them went to work in factory's to produc (MORE)

Who is Harriet S Adams?

Harriet S. Adams wrote some of the many Nancy Drew books, such as The Mysterious Mannequin, using the pen name Carolyn Keene. She and her friend Mildred Wirt Benson together w (MORE)

Why did Adam called her woman when she did not come from a mans womb?

Answer 1 ...are you kidding me? pretty sure adam didn't speak engish Answer 2 It makes more sense in Hebrew, the original language of the Bible. The word for man is "ish" ( (MORE)