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How did the Pitcairn island get its name?

Pitcairn Island was sighted on July 3, 1767 by the crew of the British ship HMS Swallow. It was named after Midshipman Robert Pitcairn, a fifteen-year-old crew member who was (MORE)

What is a island?

A small piece of land surrounded on all sides by water. Islands can  be found in the ocean and in lakes. Islands can be formed by  splitting off from the mainland or by a di (MORE)
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Where is Pitcairn island located?

Pitcairn Island is one of a group of four islands called the Pitcairn Islands, located halfway between New Zealand and South America in the South Pacific Ocean. It is the only (MORE)
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What is an island?

  A landform that is entirely surrounded by water, be it a river, lake, or ocean.      
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How do you pronounce Pitcairn?

That is tricky. It is two syllables, and they have about equal stress, the first can have a slightly stronger stress. The first is pronounced PIT. To get how the second is pro (MORE)

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