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What is adaptation?

In biology, adaptation is the process by which an organism changesto become better suited to survive in their environment. It canalso refer to a physical or genetic trait that ( Full Answer )
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What is adaptability?

Adaptability is the quality of being adaptable, or a particular quality of something which renders it adaptable.
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What are adaptations?

Adaptations are the inherited traits (or characteristics)of an organism that enhance their survival and reproduction inspecific environments.
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What is adaptations?

It is when an animal gets used to the conditions it lives in and changes to suit its habitat.
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What is adapted?

When the features of an organism help it to survive in a habitat, it is adapted to that habitat.
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What is adapt?

Adapt is to get used to your surroundings, to learn to use something for your own advantage. Social Studies Adapt can also mean to camouflage for self-preservation and to hu ( Full Answer )
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What is an adaptation?

a camel has humps to store water a rabbit that has fur that blends in with snow a trait that makes an organism more likely to reproduce
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What is a adapter for?

It could refer to the charger or the headphone connector. You may need an adapter to mate the connector to the device.
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Where is adaptation?

Adaptations have no locations. An adaptation is a body part or a behavior that an animal gets from its parents to help it survive. For example, the snowshoe hare gets rusty br ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have adaptations?

So we can live. If we didn't have adaptations, we couldn't live here. For example, we sweat to keep cool.